Manuel Sánchez Salvador

LIMFOIN creator and designer

I have always worked as abuilding worker, which has not prevented my mind has always been quite awake. The idea of ​​inventing things has always been there.
One day, cleaning my home toilet, squatting with gloves and scouring pad, I wondered if there would be another way to do it without so much effort.

Then I started to think about it and, after many nights, I gradually gave form to my invention. It had to be a simple device, but with a motor. It also had to have a cleaning head to avoid getting hands into the toilet.
In addition it had to clean the accumulated dirt of one week, the normal frequency which working people cleans their house.
After thinking a lot, LIMFOIN was born.

It is a device that consists of a high power electric motor with rechargeable battery, which reaches the hidden places of the toilet. It has a interchangeable head set that cleans, without scratch it, any surface, of all kind of materials.