Multifunction electric toilette cleaner



Its powerful high revolutions engine, obtains a fast and effective cleaning. In intensive work environments it is a great time saver.


Having an ergonomic shape, it is not necessary to crouch, which avoids back pain. It also prevents injuries in the carpal tunnel as it is not necessary to tighten. Not cable is needed, so it is easy to work with and carry the device.


With Limfoin, cleaners has not direct contact with the toilet: Professionals avoid unpleasant situations.


Limfoin cleaning accessories reaches inaccessible toilet areas where traditional cleaning method can’t. It also can be used to clean other bathroom surfaces.


Limfoin is the first multifunction electric WC cleaner on the market. It serves to clean the toilet but, with its new heads, can also clean other bathroom surfaces like shower tray, bathtub, bidet, washbasin and all kinds of tiles, even bathroom screens (their heads do not scratch fragile surfaces) in a quickly, hygienic and effective way. It is perfect for home use but is in professional environments, such hotels, malls and restaurants, where saving time is a key factor, when LIMFOIN shows its full potential. Limfoin achieves better results than traditional cleaning methods, in less than half the time.
Limfoin main device lifetime is about 4-5 years: all you have to do is to substitute the cleaning head. Heads’ lifetime is about 3-4 months if used daily in a heavy work environment.

Length (without accessories)

40 cms.

Maximum length with accessories

57 cms.


350 grs.


40 min.


CLEAN ALL SURFACES • Limfoin is time saver: twice faster than traditional cleaning methods. • Limfoin is comfortable: designed to be used stand up, the professional does not need to bend down to clean the toilet. • Limfoin is hygienic: who cleans the toilet has no direct contact with it. • Limfoin is effective: reaches inaccessible toilet areas by other cleaning methods.


• Without Limfoin, toilet cleaning is a slow and tedious job. • The cleaning professional has to crouch, wich is a great discomfort if this position has to be maintained for a long time. • The contact with the toilet is direct: despite using gloves, hygiene conditions are not optimal.

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